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How Do We Repoint Your Brickwork?

Why Repoint Your Brickwork?

Repointing will also aid with:

Repointing & Brickwork Services

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Advantages of brickwork repointing will:

How Deep Should the Joints Be Raked Out?


Gaps in the brickwork mortar caused over time by weather and deterioration not only look bad, but can let in water, which can cause long-term damage.
The water can soak into the brickwork of solid walls causing damp problems, also in cavity walls, especially if you have cavity wall insulation.

If you can easily see open joints around the mortar bed, then it is time to have your brickwork repointed.



Brickwork repointing is the most effective way of restoring the condition and physical appearance of a building structure, also, an essential part in overall and ongoing building maintenance.

  • Repair the structure of your building’s brickwork.
  • Restore the weatherproofing of your properties walls.
  • Restore the overall appearance to the brickwork of your home.
  • Maintain or significantly increase the overall value of your home or property.
  • Reduce the need for ongoing maintenance on your brickwork.​

  • Conservation – maintaining the original character of older buidlings.
  • Visual appearance – keeping more modern buildings looking good.
  • Pollution damage – properties suffer from the effects of pollution from all forms of transport as well as everyday use of fossil fuels.
  • Property value – If your property doesn’t look up to scratch, it is immediately devalued.
  • Saleability – as property value, but made worse if a survey shows your property performance to be sub-standard.

The old mortar is raked out using mini angle grinders fitted with 6mm diamond mortar raking blades connected to a dust extraction unit, giving clean cuts to the top and bottom joints ready for the new mortar.

Sometimes the use of power tools is not an option(on older building built with soft red bricks or listed buildings),  so hand tools such as comb hammers are used.

Before repointing with  the new mortar, the brickwork is sprayed to remove any existing dust and provide maximum grip to the brickwork.


Unqualified builders only scratch the old mortar providing a key for the new mortar. This shortcut is BAD PRACTICE and will only result in the new mortar falling out quickly and eroding due to weathering in a very short time!

We rake out the old mortar to a depth of 15-20mm as standard practice.

The Tools and Materials We Use:

  • Mini grinder with Dust extractor
  • Pressure washer
  • Striker/Repointing hawk
  • Sand and cement mortar
  • Natural Hydraulic Lime mortar